Food and Drink

We don’t believe in ‘buzzwords’ here at The Bruce, you won’t find us talking about ‘making the ingredient the star of the plate’ or ‘an ingredient lead menu’.  We’d like to let our food do the talking for us, less fuss, more flavour.



Children are very welcome here and have their own menu. They’re also welcome to order off the adult menu and where possible we can offer a smaller portion size.

Dogs are part of our family too, and we wouldn’t dare open a pub that was unwelcoming to our four legged friends – the bar and the lounge area are dog friendly. We also like horses, cats, rabbits and cows, but you don’t often see them in a pub!



To reserve a table you can call 01677 470325, email, stick your head round the door, send a carrier pigeon, or click this link.

For group sizes over 8, we don’t allow you to book online, so please pick up the phone or pop in.

We update our menus weekly on our Instagram & Facebook page, for this week’s menu please head over to our social media pages



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